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Welcome to the Iowa Newborn Screening Education Website

The goal of newborn screening in Iowa is to ensure that all babies are screened for certain serious conditions soon after birth, so that a baby with one of these conditions can receive treatment as soon as possible before some of the harmful effects of the condition happen.

Iowa provides three types of screening for every baby. These are

  • Blood spot screening
  • Hearing screening
  • Heart disease screening (Critical Congenital Heart Disease – CCHD)

These screenings take place in the hospital or in the birth place by the time the baby is 48 hours old.

To use this website, you may click on each type of screening to see information about that type of screening. Start by clicking on the main topic heading, then click on all of the subheadings for more detailed information.  

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact the Iowa Newborn Screening Program by calling 1-800-383-3826 or by clicking the contact us link here.