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Welcome to the Evidence Based Intervention (EBI), How to Guide

This How to Guide contains resources, templates, workflows and step-by-step activities to help health care professionals implement evidence-based interventions (EBIs) to increase colorectal cancer screening rates. These interventions are recommendations from The Guide to Community Preventive Services, which provides official recommendations and evidence-based findings to help improve health and prevent disease in healthcare and community organizations.

The following EBIs are identified by the Community Guide to address colorectal cancer screening barriers. 

Priority EBIs --
  1. Client reminders
  2. Provider reminders and recall
  3. Provider assessment and feedback
  4. Reducing structural barriers

Supporting strategies are activities that may be necessary, but are not always sufficient to effect changes in screening behaviors. Therefore, they should be implemented with the intent of enhancing the effect of the priority EBIs. Supporting strategies include:

  1. Small media
  2. Patient navigation
  3. Health information technology
  4. Community clinical linkages

*Evidence suggests multicomponent interventions lead to greater effects when they combine strategies to increase community demand for, and access to, cancer screening. The greatest effects come, however, when these two strategies are used together with the strategy to increase provider delivery of services. Multicomponent interventions can be used to increase screening use among underserved populations. If interventions provide access to appropriate follow-up care and treatment, they may improve health for these groups.